Maintenance module improvement

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Topic: Maintenance module improvement

Hi everyone

I have some idea for maintenance module to improve it and want to list them here:
1. When a customer notified about a upcoming service he will ask someone who is in charge of this case to follow up service procedure, but it may takes some days to do the service because of many reasons (i.e. vehicle is in a trip). It would be so interesting if we have 2 steps for registering a maintenance service in Wialon. First step, after we notified we will register maintenance service request that means some one should start procedure of this service. in second step after service is done, user will register another event will finish it, enter costs and etc. In short each maintenance service should have 2 states, Requested and Done, only requested services will be listed for user to be done. In Reports we may have possibility to report Requested services and Done services and number of them.
2. Grouping/Categorizing services seems interesting as well (user can define these like this: Engine services, Suspension service, Body service and.. or any other type of categorizing). this way we can report on them and analyze each category/group for example when we check costs. 
3. We except improved maintenance module to give us an ability to enter amount of used parts in service beside costs when we registered it as done. A metric should be defined for each service (maybe when we define service itself or when we register it as done).
4. We may have a possibility to enter Technician name and  beside Location.
In case we add these functions to Maintenance module then we should add some tables, column or abilities in reports concerning about:
A. Grouping services based on services categories and number of them
B. Description of each requested/done service in reports
C. Grouping services based on technician who did it
D. Reports on services based on service states (requested/done)
E. Costs, Duration, amount of used parts in total and in details based on grouping options in table properties
F. A column for User who is requested or registered the service as done

Valuable partners please share ideas...


Maintenance module improvement

Re: Maintenance module improvement

Hello, Hamed.

This addition looks like not a Wialon any more - to get reports, that you mention, we'll have to add another macro-element into the system and categorise, add new instances and so on. This actually is not a monitoring any more and comes to certain ERP systems, that are used by most of major customers, where they already get necessary reports and so on - Wialon is used only to notify, that EH or mileage is due.

Thanks for an idea anyway.


Maintenance module improvement

Re: Maintenance module improvement

serd, Based n my experience in negotiating with big customers most of them request such maintenance features. You are absolutely right, features are closer than to ERP systems. But what you did in Logistics is not monitoring! We all know Wialon as a FMS not a monitoring (and this is what Wialon sales team insist on, we as partners too). We believe that such a feature will cause better feel for customers and help partners to compete stronger with other competitor in market. We even thought about developing an application for this case ourselves but it seems wasting time as we have to develop it completely in our side and just get mileage and engine hours from Wialon. another problem is that user may confused where thry should create Maintenace services, in Wialon itself or in our application as there is no relation between these two (it's impossible to have such a relation basically). But if you do it you can use Wialon Maintenance module and there is not big changes in system.
Please discuss about this idea again.


Maintenance module improvement

Re: Maintenance module improvement

Big customer that i know have customised SAP based management systems that does exactly what they need.
Not so big customers that i know are buying a specialist out of the box solution with import possibilitys that does not costs millions but in the thousends.
And small customers they of cause want to change from excel files to do everything in Wialon.

We had this discussions 2 year ago on Partnerconference and finaly understood that Wialon is a fleet management solutions focused on fleet tracking, reports and external apps that can be developed by their partners who has real know how about the needs.

I see the problem in doing a technical task for this.
Your needs are just a small bandwith of the needs of other partners from other regions (every regions has its own rules). To match that to create a universal maintenance tool which can be used in Asia, Midle East, South America, North America and Europe (did not forget you Glen!) it needs huge analyses, technical tasks and mainly input from partners all over the world.


P.S. i want to have an invoicing tool and CMS in Wialon which generates monthly automtic invoices, creates hardware invoices and has export connection to our local tax guy (lady)... and of cause with our local german tax rules inside! Serd!!!!! Its your Task!!!

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Maintenance module improvement

Re: Maintenance module improvement

This functionality for maintenance I also believe should be in a separate system. We are using a content management system for doing this that has a mobile client extension to allow for audio, video and images to be captured. Also it allows us to have workflows and desktop notifications when a service is falling due or has been exceeded. Plus you can store all of the user manuals, copies of invoices, insurance claims etc in the system and integrate this to an ERP.

The content management system is integrated with Wialon so that they can move from one system to another.

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