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Topic: All objects shown by default


When we create an account we had to add manually clicking on "ALL" to show the objects to client.

If this client has 15 users in the account we have to do the same on all accounts.

If they install 100 objects and one each 3 days, that means I must access.... you can imagine how many times to every account to add the objects to each user.

My question is: Is not easier to show all by default, and in case the client do not want to see it to hide it??

If you tell me, "no, our clients are used to it and we cannot change this thing!"; I can admit it, then, can you create a checking where it will give the option:

"show all objects" or "hide all objects".



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All objects shown by default

Re: All objects shown by default

It seems, the best solution here is to teach your clients to use these two buttons:

Katerina Alexandrova
Product Manager (Hecterra)

All objects shown by default

Re: All objects shown by default

We are doing this already, after the time we lose with it we tried to make you view why it is better to leave other options.
It is better spending time creating accounts than explaining things that could be solved with this option we offer.

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