Get pending command list for an Unit while using Virtual as Channel

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Topic: Get pending command list for an Unit while using Virtual as Channel

Hi Gurtam,

I am using Wialon IPS as device type and using virtual as command channel, currently if I use virtual as command channel I can queue up to 10 commands while the unit is not reporting.

Once a unit send a packet or reporting to wialon all the pending 10 commands are send to the unit one after another in the same order.

My question is, is there any remote API available in a way such that if I pass the Unit information can I get back the list of commands which is pending to be sent to the unit ?

Also is there any API which will give me all the details like source IP PORT and target IP Port for a specific command ?

Also while sending out commands from wialon which channel will be chosen to reach to the unit UDP OR TCP OR SMS etc ?

Also is there any way we can get the command status - whether the command is successfully send to the unit or not ? Is there any ack back from unit once the command is getting delivered to the unit ?

Also while sending out command to the unit does it have any unit context along with the commmand, because I am doing packet relay via wialon ips and I need to know whether the incoming command intended for which unit ? Other wise I can t relay the command back to the actual unit in the field.

Eagerly waiting for your quicker  reply - Thanks in Advance