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Topic: maintenance notifications

Hello Gurtam. I have a proposal for you regarding the sending of notifications for maintenance aproaching expiry terms.
It would be very useful if you can implement "Notification repeat times". For example i set a 10 day remaining notification for a unit's insurance expiry term aproaching. The platform only sends this notification once when there are 10 days left. By implementing "Notification repeat times" you can set this notification to be sent at a certain interval, let's say once a day, once every 2 days.....etc. until the insurance expiry day comes, so that the customer does not forget about this. I know that i can do this by making multiple notifications for multiple days, but i think it is a little out of hand and time consuming.
Please take in consideration this post.



maintenance notifications

Re: maintenance notifications

Hi, I have consired this:

these  features many customers asked:

1. Now you have to after maintenance or inspection reset manually services in monitoring panel -> property dialog -> etc

2. While youre vehicle is in maintenance/inspection you should be able to reset maintenance by youre mobile phone

3. There should be tabs for Mobile Apps to reset/modify youre vehicles service counters -> you can update youre mileage
between vehicles and Wialon...so mileage accuracy is better.

4. So mileage, engine hours, data counters should be able reset / modify by Apps.

Will this meet youre idea florin?


Kalle - Finnish developer


maintenance notifications

Re: maintenance notifications

Thank you, florin1 and kalle65 for the interesting ideas of yours!

Katerina Alexandrova
Product Manager (Hecterra)