573 FTP Access to Location Data

by wwbusch aka Buwo

574 Predefined User-Rights for Units

by wwbusch aka Buwo

576 Dashboard - Smart looking Report with graphs

by rokojo2 ( Pages 1 2 )

578 use fuel cards in Wialon

by jose.rumbaut

581 Enhancements for "App Delivery Service"

by wwbusch aka Buwo

583 Google maps in Idrive application

by applevamsi123

585 List of sound files

by JohnG

586 Charting of Sensors

by JohnG

591 Report of usage of notifications

by wwbusch aka Buwo

597 Arabic language

by dsa120

598 Timezone Management

by JohnG

599 Report Calender

by Salixan

600 Google Street View

by globallbs